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We welcome feedback on all our plays. Tell us how the group enjoyed performing them, and how they went down with the audience! Our feedback page is open to all, so if you have any production or script suggestions please share them with the Quondam community.

We are also looking for a youth group with whom we can develop a couple of new scripts. One is an alternative Christmas show, a satire on the commercialisation of the Christmas message, in which Jesus has sold the rights to publicise his birth to Hello magazine. The other is a serious story about how a young teenage father fights with the legal system to have the rights to bring up his child, when the mother wishes to give the baby away for adoption.

If you want to help us develop these scripts, please contact us.


Sent Off

The Ballad of John Marron

Three Car Pile-up

Game Over

Tweet Tweet Adam

Headless Chickens

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